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How to install vinyl lettering and designs:

We have included this page to show you just how easy it is to install pre-spaced vinyl lettering and art. When you receive your package from Vinyl Attraction, open the package and remove the products that you ordered. Included with every order is an application tool and instruction page. Roll out the letters and double check that your order is correct. If so, place them in a warm area for approximately one hour to flatten them out. Then follow the steps below. NOTE: Please do not apply vinyl to new paint. Wait at least one month before applying the vinyl or you run the risk of the vinyl falling off the wall. Vinyl is sensitive to paint fumes that are emitted from the wall after painting.

Step 1 - Clean the Surface Using a cleaner which will not harm the surface, wipe the entire area and beyond. Wipe the area again with a very mild detergent or just plain water to remove any residue. Wipe the surface dry with a lint-free cloth. Note: If you are applying your lettering or decals to a drywall surface, don't use a cleaner or water just make sure the surface is free of dust using a dry cloth.

Step 2 - First get the wooden application tool you received and firmly rub all the letters (from the front) to assure the letters are sticking to the clear application tape on front. Then, place some masking tape along the top edge of the sheet. With the backing paper and application tape (stuff you can see through) still attached.

Step 3 - Position the vinyl lettering on the wall or surface so that it is properly aligned and level. Stick the masking tape to the wall or sign surface to hold it in place. Use care to make sure the sheet with the letters is not wrinkled. It is a good idea to step back and look at it again to make sure it is placed where you want and that it is level. Another person or laser level might be helpful. Optional: If sheets are too long to install easily, they can be cut vertically between letters or words. Cut through the application tape and backing paper, leaving each piece of the sheet attached to the surface with the masking tape and apply one section at a time.


Step 4 - Remove Backing Paper Flip the sheet up using care not to peel the masking tape away. Remove the wax coated backing paper (white stuff you can't see through) by slowly peeling it away. Be sure the vinyl letters remain on the application tape (stuff you can see through).

Step 5 - Press the application tape onto the wall and then, starting at the top edge, firmly rub on all the letters again to make sure they stick to the wall. Slowly work your way to the bottom.Optional Wet Application for Glass and Metal Surfaces: If applying to a hard smooth surface such as glass or metal, you can use a light coat of application fluid or soapy water (3 drops of soap per pint of water) to assist in proper placement of the design. Spray the intended surface with the mixture of soap and water. This coating of water reduces the tackiness of the vinyl, letting you lift and re-place the design if necessary. Once your design is in proper position, you can start forcing the water out from beneath the design. Starting from the center working outward, use firm strokes with a squeegee to force the water out from beneath the individual letters or design.

Step 6 - Remove Application Tape Slowly peel away application tape, making sure that all letters are sticking properly. It is best to pull straight back toward the wall and not away from the wall. Use your application tool if any areas of the letters are not sticking well.

Step 7 - Enjoy your vinyl design creation!


Step 8 - Peel off when you're ready

If you have any further questions about the installation process please contact us!